Toyota Parts & services in Amos

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    After-sales, repair and esthetics of new and used vehicle.

    Our team is unique in Amos. We are there to take care of your car. No matter the mark, our technicien are qualified to repair your car. Furthermore, we are the specialists of the transmissions and the Diesel mechanics.


    Do not hesitate to ask us for an esteemed.

    We offer a remarkable aesthetic maintenance service. " THE TOYOTA TOUCH " is a complete service of hand-made inside and outside cleaning. We also offer the polishing, the wax, a smells elimination system, the treatment of tissues and leather, shampoo of carpets, seats, engine, as well as retouch of paint and more still!

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    Let us to prove yourselves that our team is unique!


    Amos Toyota is a proud partner of Carrosserie du Parc.